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Timber VS Plastic

Here in the Wooden Window World, we believe that everyone deserves to make an informed decision. With that in mind, we have complied information to give you an honest view of Timber VS uPVC windows and doors.



Timber Casement Window

Timber windows and doors are flexible. This means that you can design completely bespoke windows and doors, or they can be made to replicate the original design in your property. For this reason, Timber is usually the material of choice when it comes to period properties, as it has an air of elegance that cannot be replicated in uPVC. Timber can also be dual coloured, meaning that you can have one colour facing outwards and another facing the inside of your property. UPVC can only have one colour throughout.


UPVC is the cheaper option when it comes to windows and doors, however cheaper isn’t always better. Timber will add value to your property and lasts 5x longer than plastic. This means that, in the long run, investing in Timber will save you money.


Bespoke Entrance door and frame 1

Timber Door – Oxford


Factory finished Timber naturally lasts longer than uPVC. All that is required to keep it looking fresh is a wipe down and re-touch whenever you think that it is necessary. A full repaint is recommended every 8 – 10 years to keep the colour nice and vivid. The unique thing is that as it can be repainted you can change the colour to match the inside decor whenever you like. UPVC cannot be maintained or painted and because of this it gradually loses its finish and can become discoloured. Another thing to note as well, is that Timber is easier to repair than uPVC, meaning that it will cost you less money and time to keep it looking good. 


Timber has a warranty that lasts for 30 years whereas uPVC only lasts for 10 years.


Timber is a stronger material than uPVC. This means that it can take more weight and have larger openings. It also gives it more flexibility when it comes to design.





Timber Conservatory Upgrade


Correctly farmed Timber is endorsed by Greenpeace and WWF as the greenest choice for windows and doors. It is a natural insulator meaning that it will save you energy and therefore money too. It is proven that Timber is the cleaner choice of material, as uPVC emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and leaves 200,000 tonnes of waste a year. Timber is a fully recyclable material and is better for our atmosphere. UPVC on the other hand contains six of the 15 most hazardous chemicals listed by European standards.


Overall Timber seems to be the better choice for your windows and doors. It looks better, performs better, lasts longer and is more environmentally friendly than its plastic counterpart. Click on the photographs to browse our range of products or contact us at ERW to find out how you can change your property for the better.

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