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Many of the original sliding sash windows in the UK are over 100 years old, with some dating back to the 1800s. Their elegant proportions and charming aesthetic appeal are a familiar part of the UK's building heritage and architectural landscape.

Traditional windows are essential features of a period building's character, and it's our responsibility to retain them for posterity, aesthetics and to retain and add value to the property.

ERW's repair and renovation division makes problems associated with older timber windows like draughts, rattles and operational issues a thing of the past. We help you renovate and repair rather than replace, so you keep the original charm and character whilst also benefiting from modern developments providing performance and energy efficiency enhancements. Whatever the condition of your sash windows, we can repair and upgrade them.

Refurbishment is an environmentally friendly option too. Recent research from English Heritage shows that the thermal performance of a traditional 1880s sash window (rescued from a skip) can enjoy significant reductions in draughts and heat loss after undergoing even the most basic repairs.*

We have particular experience of working in listed buildings and within conservation areas






We are specialists in timber window renovation and secondary glazing. Our services are as varied as our customers' needs:

  • Repair and refurbish of sashes and boxes
  • Replace individual sashes to the original design
  • Replace damaged glass
  • Renew non-repairable joinery like cills
  • Renew cords, rebalance sashes and service pulleys to ensure smooth operation
  • Overhaul / replace the architectural hardware
  • Install security hardware
  • Draught proofing and secondary glazing
  • Upgrade thermal and security performance


Where necessary we offer full replacement with new double glazed units - all of which we manufacture in-house made to measure, to fit into your existing box sash frames.


Secondary Glazing

Dating back to the 19th century, the primary function of original double hung sash windows was to reduce heat loss and provide noise insulation. While the objectives of modern day secondary glazing are the same, today's high performance, discrete designs are adding value and comfort while maintaining architectural integrity.

Secondary glazing involves the installation of new, fully independent secondary window frames on the room side of the existing or primary window. Our products are ideal to maintain the external facades of historic, period properties, especially those in conservation areas or those that are protected, even Grade One and Two listed buildings.

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Our Energy Saver Sashes which are specially designed for your traditional sliding sash windows include a unique renovation service which gives you all the benefits of modern windows, reducing heat loss by up to 60%..


Painting & Maintenance made simple Our expert experience has enabled us to develop a system that allows you to remove the integral component parts of your upgraded Sash window..


We can now encapsulate your original historic stained and leaded glass panes into a high performance triple glazed unit. Preserving and conserving the original features, perfect for conservation area home owners who would like to..

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We also have a Technical Area dedicated to Construction Industry Professionals where we can help with specification and compliance issues.


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