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Aluminium timber hybrid windows combine the warmth and visual appeal of natural timber inside with the strength, resilience and low maintenance of aluminium, available in any RAL colour, outside. AluWood was one of the first manufacturers to bring composite windows to the market. ERW are the approved supply partners for the north east of England. With contemporary and modern architecture in mind, its system is designed for lots of window styles so you can get the bet window for your home.

AluWood windows are designed with the latest window technology to meet the demand for energy efficient glazing. AluWood can come with double or triple glazed units to 36mm to help trap the heat inside your home and stop it from escaping to the outside. With aluminium on the outside and the timber on the inside, your windows will not only help you save money on your energy bills but also give you the contemporary designed window you’re looking for.

AluWood windows are the ideal design solution for any style of home because there is so much design choice. You can contrast, co-ordinate or even clash colours to create the perfect finish for your home. The exterior aluminium frame can be powder coated in any RAL colour or anodised for a more durable finish. The timber interiors can be sprayed in a choice of finishes to suit your interior décor. White and clear lacquer finishes are really popular, but there’s a range of colours you can choose from too. Talk to your installer about the hardware available to complete the look on your project.

Tested to PAS 24 standard, AluWood windows benefit from high-security multi-point locking so you can be sure that your windows are safe and secure. There’s also a night vent option for extra ventilation whilst maintaining security.

For further information on AluWood contact us on 01642 456167 or visit our award-winning showroom which features our entire range of windows and doors, showcasing our high-quality craftsmanship and premium finishes.

Download the Aluminium Timber Hybrid brochure by clicking here.

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Whether you live in a rural cottage, a suburban house or an inner city apartment, theres an AluWood window for you.
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