Sliding Sash Windows

The elegant sash window is commonly found on Georgian and Victorian properties. This style of window has been popular since the 17th century, and remains popular today. Our timber sash windows look elegant and sophisticated, adding character and a sense of style to your home.

We are also passionate about preserving existing historic sash windows and have particular experience of working in listed buildings and within conservation areas. Our specialist refurbishment and renovation team have an abundance of experience either renovating, replacing and renewing this type of window, regardless of their current condition.

Traditional Cords & Weights

Fitted with the traditional pulleys and weight, the classic sash window is crafted to look as original as possible.

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Spiral Balanced

For a traditional look without the cords and weight, spiral balanced sash windows gives just as much character and charm.

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Yorkshire Sliding

For horizontal sliding instead of vertical, the Yorkshire Sliding sash window is perfect.

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More about Sliding Sash Windows

  • Glazing

    All of our windows are factory glazed to the highest standards using low emissivity glass, meaning it is incredibly energy-efficient, reducing heat loss by up to 94%. This type of glazing uses Super SpacerĀ® warm edge technology, which provides the very best insulation for your new windows by making use of the excellent properties of foam, instead of the traditional aluminium. Condensation is reduced by up to 70% as well as a reduction in noise by up to 2Db.

    For authenticity, a wide range of timber glazing or solid Georgian bars can be fitted to give a multi-pane effect.

    Specialist glazing such as acoustic, bronze, anti-sun or laminated can be fitted if required to give additional insulation or security.

  • Energy Efficient Windows

    We use a specialist glass called Planitherm, which has a unique coating that helps to retain heat within your home – it is the most energy-efficient glass available. As well as reflecting heat back into your home, this specialist glass actually maximises the amount of natural light that can enter your home. Issues regarding tint or haze associated with some traditional double glazed windows are not a problem with Planitherm glass and condensation is eliminated. This type of glass also has the potential of saving you up to 28% per year on energy bills compared to traditional windows.

  • Ironmongery

    We have a range of beautifully crafted finishing touches such as brass wheel pulleys, fasteners and hooks, that can be used to embellish and finish off your sliding sash windows. Specialist ironmongery can also be fitted in order for easy cleaning. Spiral sash balances can also be fitted.

  • Finishes

    Our extensive range of premium finishes include a market leading wide range of colours and woodstains that enable maintenance periods to be extended, superb colour retention and redecoration requiring only one coat application. The extremely tough and durable coating characteristics mean we can offer a 30 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay and up to 8 years on the coatings and preservatives, 8 years on opaque finish and 5 years on the stained finish.

    A variety of decorative horn details are also available.

  • FAQs

    If you’d like to know more about our timber windows, doors and conservatories we have a dedicated FAQs page that answers common questions about things such as our 30 year guarantee, what secondary glazing is, how we work with listed buildings as well as environmental information, payment options and guidance about the installation process.

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